A single platform to manage all spend. Gain real time visibility and control over budgets and automate expenses, invoices and approvals.


Control spend and provide greater visibility by approving spend online


Employees can create a requisition. We will automatically assign approvers based taking into amount, budget code, remaining budget, supplier, order type and other criteria. Approvers can review and approve the order from their mobile phone and will regularly be reminded of outstanding approvals

Screenshot of PO Approvals


Orders can be created from an invoice. The invoice will be routed for approval using the same approval rules. If the order was already pre-approved, the invoice will be matched with the existing order.

Screenshot of Invoicing


Employees can confirm they received the goods and services from a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. It is possible to partially receive goods and shipping documents can be attached directly by the supplier.

Screenshot of Receipting


Subscriptions and other types of recurring payments can be approved once and paid either monthly or annually. In the case of monthly payments, the responsible user will be reminded every month to provide the invoice.

Screenshot of Payment Details


The platform keep track of who needs to do what when. This allows us to remind users when actions are due so you don’t need to do it.

Screenshot of alert message


Yordex works with your existing accounting system to automate reconciliation

Screenshot of ERP Integrations


A complete expense management solution, including the ability to raise expenses by taking a picture of the receipt from a mobile phone. Managers gets a real time view of all expenses raised by people in their team and can approve from their mobile phone. Delegates can be set when an approver is on holidays.

Screenshot of expenses overview


Yordex supports a range of invoicing options to suit every order type and supplier.


Track all spend against budgets in real time. Yordex provides a detailed view of spend against department, country or project budget, all broken down to the accounting code and supplier. Spend that is over budget will automatically be flagged. Finance or teams can update forecast to give you an always accurate picture of planned spend.

Image of budget tracking table


The system tracks payment methods and due dates to give you an accurate picture of cash flow. We can pull in transaction data from your accounting system or bank account to validate spend against budgets and forecasts.

Screenshot of Smart Bank Accounts
Screenshot of custom supplier details

Supplier Management

Control suppliers used by automating the supplier setup and approval process. Suppliers can maintain their own company data and even upload invoices directly onto your system.

Supplier Discounts

Improving use of early payment discounts and supply chain finance can lead to 0.2% to 0.5% savings on working capital. That is £2K to £5K savings on every £1M spend straight to your bottom line.

Early Payment Discounts

Smart Orders keep track of early payment discounts and help you make sure you capture those discounts wherever possible.

 A information message showing a payment discount

Dynamic Discounting

Dynamic Discounting is also called “discounting for the 21st century”. Your supplier can offer discounts only when they need it while you can negotiate better payment terms by offering this option.

Screenshot of Dynamic Discounts

Supply Chain Finance

Extend Dynamic Discounting with a third party Supply Chain Finance provider. Take advantage of supplier discounts even if you don’t have the cash on hand to pay early.

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