Yordex offers a modular suite of services to give you real time visibility and control over spend and cash flow, while saving finance up to 75% of time

Finance Portal

A single place for all communications between you, your employees, your suppliers and your customers.

The Finance Portal is the heart of Yordex. All other modules are optional value-added services on top of this portal.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts include the delivery, approval, and payment terms for every order. You can define different Smart Contracts for every order type, supplier or even for an individual order. Contracts can be defined in minutes without the need to involve your IT team. The right contract will automatically be applied and enforced for every order.

Screenshot of Smart Contracts

PO Approvals

Employees can create a requisition in Yordex, either manually, from a catalogue or by receiving a quote from the supplier. Yordex will automatically assign PO approvers based on your approval rules. Approvers can review and approve the order from their mobile phone. We can also take approved PO’s directly from your ERP system.

Screenshot of PO Approvals


Employees can confirm receipt from a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. It is possible to partially receive goods and shipping documents can be attached directly by the supplier. If receipting is done in your ERP system we can also pull in this data from there.

Screenshot of Receipting


The employee who ordered the goods or even the supplier can self match an invoice with an order. If there is a mismatch, they will be asked to update the order which may require re-approval. More invoice functionality is available in other modules including OCR scanning, self-billing (both Invoice Central) and Smart Invoicing (Accounts Receivable).

Screenshot of Invoicing

Cash Management

Better manage your cash by using spending plans, order and invoice data to accurately predict what your cash flow will be in the coming weeks and months.

Screenshot of Payment Details


Smart Contracts keep track of who needs to do what when. This allows us to remind users when actions are due so you don’t need to do it.

Screenshot of alert message

Accounting Integration

Yordex works with your existing accounting system, is easy to use and can be implemented in 4 - 6 weeks. This allows you to upgrade your Finance processes without the cost, implementation time and steep learning curve associated with upgrading to traditional ERP systems.

Screenshot of ERP Integrations

Invoice Central

With a Finance Portal in place, invoicing becomes a breeze. Yordex supports a range of invoicing options to suit every supplier.


Keep your forecasts always up to date using our unique "spend and income plans". They encourage employees to keep their forecasts always up to date while giving you a dashboard to control spend and get accurate cash flow forecasts. Spend plans are also used to create an employee friendly PO process by using them to automatically raise PO’s.

Image of budget tracking table


Get accurate cash flow forecasts and track card and direct debit payments by linking to your bank account. Automate your payment and reconciliation processes and benefit from the lowest exchange rates by using our smart bank accounts, a service offered in partnership with TransferWise.

Screenshot of Smart Bank Accounts

Expense Management

Yordex offers a complete expense management solution, including the ability to raise expenses by taking a picture of the receipt from a mobile phone. Managers gets a real-time view of all expenses raised by people in their team and can approve from their mobile phone. Delegates can be set when an approver is on holidays.

Screenshot of expenses overview
Screenshot of custom supplier details

Supplier Onboarding

Automate your supplier onboarding process to ensure all suppliers are appropriately checked before buying from them. We can pull in credit reports or other data from third-party systems which means all data quickly available and all in one place.

Supplier Discounts

Improving use of early payment discounts and supply chain finance can lead to 0.2% to 0.5% savings on working capital. That is £200K to £500K savings on every £100M spend straight to your bottom line.

Early Payment Discounts

Smart Orders keep track of early payment discounts and help you make sure you capture those discounts wherever possible.

 A information message showing a payment discount

Dynamic Discounting

Dynamic Discounting is also called “discounting for the 21st century”. Your supplier can offer discounts only when they need it while you can negotiate better payment terms by offering this option.

Screenshot of Dynamic Discounts

Supply Chain Finance

Extend Dynamic Discounting with a third party Supply Chain Finance provider. Take advantage of supplier discounts even if you don’t have the cash on hand to pay early.

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