Our Story and Mission

The idea for Yordex was born from a simple question: why are many Finance processes still so manual? Why do month ends still take up to 2 weeks? Why does it take 10 days on average to approve an invoice? Why is it so hard for Finance to keep track of spending plans?

At Yordex we believe the root cause is the way Finance teams communicate with employees, suppliers and customers. Today, this communication happens through countless emails, documents and spreadsheets. The Finance team then has to process this data and enter it into their systems. Not only is this time consuming, low added value work, it also leads to significant delays in the availability of data. A better ERP system won't fix this, a new way of Finance communications is required. This communication should be simple, so employees, suppliers and customers can use it, it should be structured, so the data can be entered directly into your systems, and it should be controlled. To meet these requirements, we created "Smart Order" technology. These orders know who needs to do what when and guide users through the correct process every time. Benefits of this approach include real-time visibility into spending plans, saving up to 75% of cost processing budgets, invoices and payments, reduced errors and fraud, improved working capital, fast setup and many others.

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We want to build a company that people love to work with and for.

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