Launching the Yordex smart, secure company card

Yordex is launching company cards designed for growing businesses. Our cards offer full control over spend and automate the accounting process for you.

Flexible pricing for growing businesses

Launch offer

Launch Offer

Use our flexible company cards completely free for life

  • Completely free for life *
  • OCR invoice scanning included
  • Cancel at any time
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Regular Pricing

Free for first 2 physical cards and up to 10 virtual cards per month

Addditional cards

  • £3/month per physical card
  • £1/month per virtual card

Launch offer: Fine Prints

Our cards offer full control over spend while automating the accounting process.

Manage all expenses

A fully featured spend management solution also including invoices and cash expenses.

No more chasing receipts and invoices

Our software will chase the card payment receipts and invoices for you.

Automate accounting

Invoices and expenses are automatically synced with your accounting system.

Better control over travel spend

We provide company cards with an individual budget per card.

Safer for online payments

A unique virtual card will be created for every online purchase or subscription.

Easy to manage subscriptions

Manage all subscriptions in one place and stop subscriptions you no longer need.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is this offer for?

Yordex cards are for designed for growing businesses that spend a significant amount on cards.

Why Yordex?

Yordex offers a flexible platform for growing businesses to manage all their future spend including expenses, invoices, subscriptions, budgets and pre-approvals.

When will I get my cards?

You will get your cards as soon as Yordex Cards launches which is currently scheduled for September 2019

Are there any commitments when I sign up?

No, you can cancel your cards at any time during the 3-month trial period.

What kind of cards do you offer?

We offer company prepaid cards in GBP. We offer regular cards as well as “virtual” cards which are used for just one purchase or one subscription.

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