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A powerful set of features to get paid faster

Make invoicing easier for everyone

Wide range of invoicing options that fit with your process while helping your customer process your invoices faster.

Fast order processing

Flexible format in which to receive orders so they can be sent directly to your systems

Fast issue resolution

Real-time order status and online messaging to quickly spot and resolve any issues or delays.

Know where you stand

Full transparency into the PO and invoice approval status and payment date.

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How much does Yordex cost?

Yordex is completely free for suppliers of Yordex customers.

How do I invoice my customer via Yordex?

Every order has its own page where you can upload the invoice. You can also continue to email the invoice but that requires additional processing on our side and therefore may lead to delays.

Can I change the format in which I receive orders?

Yes, you can. To discuss your preferred format, please Contact us

Can I send quotes to my customers via Yordex?

Yes, you can. You can create new orders including all line items and prices and send them to your customer for approval.

Can I use Yordex with my other customers or suppliers?

Yes, you can. Our Free for Life plan allows you up to 1000 orders per month with any customer or supplier.

Can other people in my company use Yordex?

Yes, they can. After you created your own account, you can create accounts for other users from the User Management section of our application.

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Get paid faster by helping your customer process your invoices faster.

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