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What is my registration number?

Company registration numbers have different names in different countries and not all countries have them. Below is a list of countries and their local registration numbers.

If you can’t find your country on the list or if you would like to use a different registration number, please contact us.

CountryRegistration number
AustraliaABN (Australian Business Number) 11 digits. The last 9 digits of the ABN is the ACN-Australian Company Number.
AustriaFN (Firmenbuch Nummer) Commercial register which (7 digits)
BelgiumTVABE (Tax Number Belgium), 10 digits
BulgariaBULSTAT (9 digits)
CanadaDun & Bradstreet DUNS number
ChinaRegistration number (15 digits)
Czech RepublicIČO (8 digits) or VAT number
DenmarkCVR/VAT number (8 digits)
FinlandBusiness ID (Trade Register) or VAT (8 digits)
FranceSIREN code (9 digits)
GermanyCommercial Registry HRB (for GmbH) or HRA (for KG or GmbH & Co KG)
GreeceVAT number (9 digits), 3 digits may be added in front of the number if the company is doing business abroad
Hong KongBusiness Reg. No. (10 digits) for limited and unlimited companies. Company Registry No. (4-7 digits) for limited companies only.
HungaryRegistration number RNHU - LLC (10 digits). VATHU (8 digits) for private companies.
IndiaRegistered Number India
IrelandRegistration Number or CRO (7 digits)
ItalyCOFIS number (11 or 16 digits)
JapanPartner number (7 digits)
LuxembourgRCLU (6 digits) or IBLC number (8 digits)
NetherlandsKamer van Koophandel (KvK) number (8 digits)
New ZealandCompany number
NorwayRegistration Number (9 digits)
PolandTVAPL (called NIP in Polish) 10 digits, REGON (9 digits) and KRS (1 to 10 digits)
PortugalVAT number (9 digits)
RussiaOGRN (13 or 15 digits), OKPO (8 digits) or INN (10 digits)
SingaporeRegistration Number ROC (10 digits)
SpainCertificado de Identificacion Fiscal (C.I.F.), 9 digits
SwedenFor sole traders, the register number is the same as the personal register number.For public and private limited companies, the reg no begins with 556 and AB in the name.
SwitzerlandCOCCH Registration number (Handelsregister)
TurkeyTax number (10 digits)
United KingdomCompanies House registration number (8 digits)
UkraineOKPO (8 digits) or INN (10 digits)
USADun & Bradstreet DUNS number

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