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What is dynamic discounting?

Dynamic Discounting is also known as ‘discounting for the 21st century’.

Here is how it works

  1. Upfront you agree with your supplier that they can ask for an early payment on any outstanding invoice at any time in exchange for a discount
  2. When your supplier does want to get paid early, they login to Yordex and request an early payment
  3. We automatically calculate the required discount based on your desired APR. For example, if you want a 12% APR and the supplier asks early payment on an invoice that is due in 60 days, we propose 2%
  4. You will get a request to pay early. If you pay, we automatically record the discount
  5. If you cannot or do not wish to pay early, a Yordex finance partner can pay early on your behalf and you will still pocket part of the discount

The image below illustrates the level of the discount and how it compares with traditional early payment discounts.

Benefits for you

Benefits for your suppliers

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