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How does invoice scanning work?

When a supplier does not want to use self-matching, Yordex can scan invoices using OCR.

The process works as follows:

  1. You or your supplier emails the invoice to
  2. We OCR scan the invoice
  3. We search your open orders and try to find a matching order based on PO number, supplier name, supplier email, amounts and dates. If we find a matching order, we will attach the invoice to the order and steps 4 and 5 are skipped
  4. If we cannot find a matching order in step 3, the invoice will appear on the invoices page (the bell icon at the top of the page). It will appear for the people who forwarded the invoice and for admin users
  5. On the invoices page, you can either match the invoice with an existing order or create a new order from the invoice

When the invoice is matched with an existing order but does not exactly match the order details such as amount or payment due date, warnings will be shown for the order.

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