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How do I create an order?

There are different ways in which to create a new order:

Irrespective of how the order is created, it will always go through the same approval process.

Create an order personally

  1. Login to Yordex

  2. Click on the ‘New Order’ button on the homepage

  3. Search your supplier. If you can’t find it, go to the Contacts menu to create a new supplier.

  4. Add an attachment if you want

  5. Specify the budget this order should be charged to. It is also possible to charge the order to multiple budgets.

  6. Select the currency

  7. Add line items to the order. To add more than one line item, click ‘+ Add New Line Item’

  8. Save the order as a draft, or, if you are done with it, approve the order and send it to your line manager for approval.

Depending on the settings for your account, other fields may be required when creating an order.

Your supplier sends a quote

Instead of you creating the order yourself, you can also ask your supplier to send a quote.

When you supplier has their own account, they can create an order in the same way you can and it will be automatically sent to you.

If your supplier does not have their own account, you can send them your order form. The URL for this form can be found in the ‘Share’ link at the top of your page.

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