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  • By automating the traditionally manual invoice and payment process Yordex made it possible for us to offer payments on our marketplace. The hassle free process gives our customers another reason to place more orders through our site.
    Photo of Sheetal Sachdev Sheetal Sachdev

    Founder/CEO at Treniq

  • The Yordex ‘distributed ledger’ approach could well be the lowest cost way of processing invoices.
    Photo of Aidan Connolly Aidan Connolly

    Former CFO at Worldpay and Sodexo

  • We chose Yordex because of their flexibility and because we think their approach of providing a single source of the truth between us and our suppliers is the best way for us to automate invoice processing.
    Photo of Remco Rausch Remco Rausch

    Enterprise Product Manager at LoveCrafts